Our Practices

The attorneys of Nozomi Sogo deal with a diverse range of legal matters, and we pride ourselves on providing our client’s with effective solutions to their legal needs.

We have a strong relationship with Japanese governmental and public authorities, including the Financial Services Agency, the Japan Fair Trade Commission and the Bank of Japan.

Nozomi Sogo attorneys have a vast array of practice areas, including:
  • Corporate Law, including Corporate Governance, Directors and Officers Liability, Mergers & Acquisitions, Contracts, Labor and Employment Law, Start-up Support
  • Compliance, including Internal Investigation, Crisis Management
  • Dispute Resolution, including Business Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation, Execution, Provisional Remedies
  • Defamation / Rights of Privacy and Publicity / Media Relations
  • Intellectual Property / Information Technology
  • Entertainment, including Film, Music, Game, Merchandising, Advertisement
  • Corporate and White Collar Criminal Defense
  • Financial Instruments and Exchange Act / Financial and Securities Regulation / Insurance
  • Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • Business Reorganization / Business Rehabilitation / Bankruptcy
  • Tax Law and Litigation
  • General Civil Matters, including Real Estate, Breach of Contract, Private Injury, Family Law
  • International Transactions and Disputes