Criminal Law and White Collar Criminal Defense

The number of white collar crimes caught in Japan have been increasing and the penalties have recently been becoming harsher than ever before. The new plea bargaining system adopted in 2018 has led corporations to make more difficult decisions as to what to do following detection of a violation internally. Led by our lawyers who are former prosecutors, including our founding partner, Tsugio Yada, who was at the Special Investigation Unit of Tokyo District Public Prosecutors’ Office, which is responsible for white color crimes, we represent numerous clients, including both corporations and executives, in their criminal cases such as bribery, embezzlement, cartel and other antitrust law violations, tax evasion, violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act including insider trading and false statements on financial reports, regulations on political funding and FCPA.  We also provide advice on effective internal policies, trainings and disciplinary actions to prevent white collar crimes and handlings of investigations by legal enforcements.