Defamation, Privacy, Data Protection

In this Internet era, it is no longer only traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and televisions that could spread false information. Internet defamation is rampant, and it should be handled in a different manner than against media defamation. The Internet has also enabled anyone to spread sensitive personal information, and the impact and damage caused by Internet defamation and privacy infringement on the Internet tend to be more severe. Nozomi has long represented victims of defamation and privacy infringement against traditional media, internet service providers, and corporate and individual perpetrators.

Also, while rapid progress of information technologies, in particular, in the areas of big data, IoT and FinTech, provides another profit source to companies but also exposing them greater risks of security incidents and violation of privacy laws such as the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan, which has recently been amended, GDPR and CCPA. Nozomi guides clients to appropriately manage personal information they collect and store in compliance with all applicable laws.